Printable October 2019 Calendar With Holidays Template

In this month northern hemisphere often means the days are colored with falling leaves. Soft weather for the holiday season. It is the 10th month of the year. It means Halloween for many children. On the other hand, the lover of beer is more excited at the starting of this month.

A printable template calendar is a great tool to do both your festivals plan and review your goals. Thanks to an October 2019 Calendar Template. You can give a very nice tune to yourself and your life.

With just an easy to use October 2019 Printable Calendar. You can start your timetable and work by using this template.

Printable October 2019 Calendar

To welcome the yellow and romantic season. You may use the JPG, Printable calendar.. to plan something special for this month.

Blank-October-2019-Calendar-Free Print

A Blank October 2019 Calendar will show you the holidays that you may use creating a short break for enjoying October’s beautiful scenes by lakes and in the heart of nature.

Many health observances that have October as their national month. these include Breast Cancer, Blindness and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

October 2019 Calendar Template

Download October 2019 template Calendar and enter your holidays, festivals. You can also add or note important dates like your birthday and wedding etc. Save this calendar template in your phone for easy to access.

October 2019 Calendar Image
October 2019 Calendar HD Image

October 2019 calendar is available in various layout design. These calendar images are designed vertically and horizontally both. Out shared image of the calendar is free to charge for your daily use.

Our calendar Image is many different formats in PDF and Image, worksheet layout. And also designed in the MS office and excel worksheet.

October 2019 Calendar With Holidays

Holidays calendar are available here in many formats. We design Cute October 2019 Calendar for your daily use. You use these calendar for your children. A housewife uses the calendar template for their daily family routine.

October-2019-Calendar Printable PDF

By busy schedule, a house forgets the festivals date and other family members special dates like his birthday dates and other. So save a calendar and take a print and place on your wall for future planning.

By using the calendar template we plan our future. We decide the time when we going for a picnic. And sometimes we forget office holidays. So proper use a calendar for scheduling of time.

Free 2019 Monthly Calendar

The Month Of October: Facts and History

The 8th month of the Roman Calendar is October. It comes from the Latin word meaning eight. It became the 10th month when calendar added January and February.

October is the second Autumn month of the year. During the week of October 9 each year National fire Prevention weel falls. This month in the Northern Hemisphere is similar to April in the Southern Hemisphere.

October in Other Languages

  • Chinese (Mandarin) – shíyuè
  • Danish – oktober
  • French – octobre
  • Italian – ottobre
  • Latin – October
  • Spanish – octubre

Historical Names:

  • Roman: October
  • Saxon: Wintirfyllith
  • Germanic: Wein-mond (Wine month)
  • In thsi month the leaves of trees begin to change their color.

Columbus Day In the United state

  • When is Columbus Day 2019?
  • Columbus Day 2019: Monday, 14 October 2019
Columbus-Day 2019 Images

Columbus Day, which is on the second Monday of October, recollects Christopher Columbus’ entry to the Americas on October 12, 1492. This occasion is disputable in light of the fact that the European settlement in the Americas prompted the death of the history and culture of the indigenous people groups.

Columbus day is an open occasion in numerous pieces of the United States, yet isn’t a free day in certain states. Some administration workplaces are shut on the grounds that Columbus Day is as yet a government occasion. The day is a legitimate recognition in states like Florida.

Indigenous People’s Day In The United State

  • When is Indigenous People’s Day 2019?
  • Indigenous People’s Day 2019: Monday, 14 October 2019


Indigenous People Day
Indigenous People Day 2019

This Day changes a celebration of expansionism into an opportunity to reveal chronicled substances about the butcher and maltreatment of indigenous social orders in the Americas, and to celebrate indigenous resistance.

The Unitarian Universalist confidence calls us to completely comprehend the heritage of Christopher Columbus, similarly as it calls us to regard and gain from indigenous people groups and bolster their battles for social equity and religious opportunity. Join Unitarian Universalists over the United States regarding Indigenous Peoples Day.