Chinese New Year 2019 – History, Facts, Date

Chinese New Year 2019
2019 Chinese New Year

On the 5th February, there is an important event that is Chinese new year. Chinese New Year is also called with the name of spring festivals. In chine we, Will hear it being called chunjie or the spring festivals. We see the coldness of the day, But this holiday marks the end of the winter. People welcome the spring days again for fresh season start. It also called the name of the Lunar New Year, because many countries like South Korea and Vietnam celebrate it as well. According to the lunar calendar, the spring Festival goes on. this festival ranges from January 21 to February 20. It occurs on 5th Feb in 2019. If you want to more details than checking the Chinese New Year Calendar.
In China, the Linear calendar is still really important, Even though it has officially moved to the Gregorian calendar like the rest of the country. Many people still calculate their birthday and ages according to the linear calendar too!

Happy Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year 2019
2019 Chinese New Year

Facts Of The Chinese New Year

  • Chinese New Year is a day for praying to gods. It was to pray to gods for a good planting and harvest season. The harvest was everything in the agrarian society. people were treated as a god, they also prayed to their ancestors.
  • The main interesting facts of the Chinese new year is that it is about the fighting off monsters. Which has come about every new year evening? On that day many People hide in their homes. But one boy using fire.
  • Many people on the Chinese new year evening stay up and set off firecrackers at midnight. ANd in the morning people again used firecrackers to welcome the new year and good luck.

Chinese New Year From 2019 To 2023

Chinese New Year 2019
Image Chinese New Year
Year Day Date Of Chinese New Year Animal Sign
2019 Tuesday 5th, Feb Pig
2020 Saturday 25th, Jan Rat
2021 Friday 12th, Feb Ox
2022 Tuesday 1st, Feb Tiger
2023 Sunday 22nd, Feb Rabbit
2024 Saturday 10th, Feb Dragon
2025 Wednesday 29th, Jan Snake

on the Chinese new year, main reason is that welcome the new year and new season like spring. The most important part of this event is the family reunion. Many people go their relative and own home for the New Yera’s Evening dinner. But now much children work in the cities and their parents live in rural village. the migration backs their own house and to go on vacation is called chunyun or spring Migration.

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