National Wear Red Day 2019 – History, Facts, Celebration

National Wear Red Day Image
Image National Wear Red Day Image

This day is celebrated on the first February of 2019. In the U.S, the USA, and many countries National Wear Red Day is a holiday. On that day men and women wear the color red. They wear this color to raise awareness about the number one health problem that affects American women – heart disease. National Wear red is also a day on which women are encouraged to find out their most important health numbers like blood sugar, blood pressure, and BMI etc. when this day was inception after that it continued to reach a higher audience. This day awareness of heart disease. And tell us about how it affects women. When it starts that’s the day many women lose their weight in the US and many women of them are now more physically active. We enjoy the red day with our family, friends, and relatives. We wear red color clothing on the whole day of the national wear red day with our family member. This day remove all disease of the heart.

National Wear Red Day 2019

National Wear Red Day Image
Image National Wear Red Day Image

National Wear Red Day Facts:

  • The main fact of this day is Heart Disease.
  • Every year one woman killed in 80 seconds by heart disease.
  • The death of women in the US by the caused of heart attacks and strokes.
  • High blood pressure, smoking, Diabetes, and Obesity all contribute to heart disease.
  • Heart Disease Cause is Physical inactivity also.

Celebrating National Wear Red Day

This day isn’t an official holiday, so government buildings, post offices, school, and businesses remain open on this day. On this day, all people wear red in the USA to promote heart-health awareness among women. People of U.S. also use this day to raise money for various heart-related charities such as the American Heart Association and this thing the same in other countries. On social media, children and younger will use the hashtag GoRedWearRed to help bring attention to the day. National Wear Red Day also a good day for women to get their numbers checked. Having your blood pressure, triglyceride levels, blood sugar and BMI checked is a good way to find out if you’re at risk for developing heart disease. Heart disease is mainly in the women. So to remove and finish these diseases all people wear Red.

When is American Heart Month 2019 To 2023?

National Wear Red Day 2019
2019 National Wear Red Day
Year Wear Red Day
2019 1st Feb.
2020 7th Feb.
2021 5th Feb.
2022 4th Feb.
2023 3rd Feb.

The diseases of women mainly affect women. Soon the nation celebrated the red day many people wear red clothes including children. This is all about to save women from heart disease. Women play an important role in our life like a mother, sister, and homemaker. If she is not safe then how we spent our lives in a better way. So keep them all disease of heart we celebrate the day of National Wear Red Day.

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